Here's feedback from some of my students who get big results from taking lessons with me…

I am very proud of all of them - they've worked hard to reach their goals and continue to grow as great guitar players. 

I've had the privilege of teaching guitar lessons to literally hundreds and  hundreds of people from the Southampton area over the years and many continue to take lessons with me to this day! 

If you would like to find out more about what I can do for YOU and your guitar playing,
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Cam: "I Now have a lot more confidence..."

Jake: "I can now sound AWESOME!"

Mark: "…a lot more professional than lessons I've had in the past."

Alex K: ...kickstarted my progress again...

"Jimmy is a fantastic guitar teacher and all round top bloke. I first took lessons with him after having around a 10 year break since my last lessons as a teenager. Although I had kept playing throughout the intervening period I’d developed plenty of bad habits, which Jimmy quickly identified and helped me fix. This really kickstarted my progress on the instrument again and allowed me to make great progress towards my goals. Jimmy’s extensive experience as a gigging and recording guitar player give him an excellent background to offer general advice in addition to musical tuition. I would not hesitate to recommend him to guitar players of all ages and experiences who want to improve and enjoy the instrument to the fullest."


Alex K. Salisbury


"So you've probably just brought a guitar, or are in the process of getting one, Congratulations! You're now scouring the Internet for videos on how to play the darn thing. After a few days of watching close to a hundred videos about playing '3 songs with 2 chords' and maybe being able to strum a few chords and playing a few notes, you turn to your partner and say "this sounds alright, doesn't it?"

Their reply, in a tone of mild optimism with a succinct lack of encouragement, "yeah, great..." At this point you have now realised what you must do, you have visions of being the next Hendrix, Hetfield or even Gallagher. This is why you have chosen to search for
guitar lessons in Southampton. 
Well my friend this is your lucky day! You happen to be in the same place I was just under a year ago, a place of musical frustration and seriously sore fingertips.

In just under a year of sharing every Tuesday evening with Jimmy I have developed my guitar playing technique and I now feel comfortable playing a variety of music genres. The lessons are based around what YOU want to play and learn! Don't get me wrong, you don't simply ask to learn one particular song... Oh no, no,no. Jimmy teaches you the techniques and methods behind playing different genres of music allowing you to play a multitude of songs in the space of a few weeks! 
Listen, if you want to have fun, learn quick and for a good price, you are in the right place. Give him a call, trust me you will never look back. "
GuitarHappy RockingGuitar
  Rob, Southampton. 


Ian: ...even my wife recognises the songs i'm playing now!

"Jimmy has been improving my guitar playing for nearly three years now - even my wife recognises the songs I'm playing now! I have to say Jimmy is an excellent teacher using your favourite music to teach theory and technique. I would recommend anyone wanting to learn to play guitar to guitarists wanting to improve technique to contact Jimmy, you will not be disappointed!"

Ian. Romsey

Alex P:

Gavin: " I feel far more confident in my abilities to play the guitar..."

Max: "I've really improved...lessons are amazing!"

Achieve Great Things on Guitar!

Darren: "I wouldn't go anywhere else for lessons now!!”

Maria: "I've noticed a BIG improvement!"

Pete: "I feel more knowledgeable and confident with the guitar."

Sam: "My confidence has improved - A LOT!"

Tom: " I was stuck in a rut…"

Phil: "super impressed with how much progress I’ve made."

Leigh: "I’ve come on leaps and bounds and have got so much further."

Martin: "really helped give my enthusiasm proper direction in a relaxed and comfortable environment."