Here's feedback from some of my students who get big results from taking lessons with me…

I am very proud of all of them - they've worked hard to reach their goals and continue to grow as great guitar players. 

I've had the privilege of teaching guitar lessons to literally hundreds and  hundreds of people from the Southampton area over the years and many continue to take lessons with me to this day! 

If you would like to find out more about what I can do for YOU and your guitar playing, contact me today and we can started! 



Jake: "I can now sound AWESOME!"

Mark: "…a lot more professional than lessons I've had in the past."


"So you've probably just brought a guitar, or are in the process of getting one, Congratulations! You're now scouring the Internet for videos on how to play the darn thing. After a few days of watching close to a hundred videos about playing '3 songs with 2 chords' and maybe being able to strum a few chords and playing a few notes, you turn to your partner and say "this sounds alright, doesn't it?"

Their reply, in a tone of mild optimism with a succinct lack of encouragement, "yeah, great..." At this point you have now realised what you must do, you have visions of being the next Hendrix, Hetfield or even Gallagher. This is why you have chosen to search for guitar lessons in Southampton. 
Well my friend this is your lucky day! You happen to be in the same place I was just under a year ago, a place of musical frustration and seriously sore fingertips.

In just under a year of sharing every Tuesday evening with Jimmy I have developed my guitar playing technique and I now feel comfortable playing a variety of music genres. The lessons are based around what YOU want to play and learn! Don't get me wrong, you don't simply ask to learn one particular song... Oh no, no,no. Jimmy teaches you the techniques and methods behind playing different genres of music allowing you to play a multitude of songs in the space of a few weeks! 
Listen, if you want to have fun, learn quick and for a good price, you are in the right place. Give him a call, trust me you will never look back. "
GuitarHappy RockingGuitar
  Rob, Southampton. 


Gavin: " I feel far more confident in my abilities to play the guitar..."

"I decided to start taking lessons because I had decided that the guitar which I had received 10 years ago, collecting dust in the corner of my room as an ornament should be played.
I tried teaching myself the guitar a while back, but hit a wall with my progression and stopped playing. I thought it would be good to get lessons to give me some structure and discipline to learning the guitar.
A quick search on the internet returned Jimmy, and after looking through his webpage at his credentials and testimonials I felt he was the guy to go with.
Since taking lessons I can honestly say that I have improved in all aspects of my guitar playing. I now have a good level of knowledge and abilities to go away and learn new songs, and have developed the confidence to play my guitar in front of other people. One of the biggest areas I have improved in is my strumming and timing, which I always found to be an issue.
I feel far more confident in my abilities to play the guitar, and more capable to go out and find new material to learn using the skills which Jimmy has taught me.
I would highly recommend taking lessons if you are considering it. Even if you are curious about them, take a couple and see how you get on. I found that within very few lessons with Jimmy I was able to play far better than I had previously, so the returns you get are quite quick and incredibly satisfying.

I really enjoyed our lessons. Jimmy is such a great guy, and lessons were always fun. My favourite aspect of my lessons was when Jimmy had me playing around with notes on scales and he'd be providing the backing to whatever I notes I happened to be hitting.

You can tell Jimmy is really passionate about the guitar, music and teaching, and that really shines through in his lessons. He always provided great support when I got stuck and his supplementary materials which he provided online were great. It was always a highlight of my week having a lesson with him."

Gavin, Southampton

Max: "I've really improved...lessons are amazing!"

“I’m better on guitar now more than ever and feel confident. I’ve really improved a lot and lessons are amazing!
I’ve improved my technique & now everything I play is sounding clear
We get to work on our own songs which is cool and I feel proud that I’ve managed to come up with some nice sounding ideas.
The lesson pace is just right for me. Not too much or too little.
I really feel more confident on guitar and giving things a go. I now know how to improve by myself if I mess up.
If you’re thinking of taking lessons- just do it! You’ll never know just how good you can be until you try!” 

Max. Southampton

Achieve Great Things on Guitar!

This is one of my students Jack who has passed his Grade 8 rock guitar exam. He now studies at the Southampton Academy of Music and Sound. 
Well done Jack! We're all very proud to have such a talented young man on board! 


Darren: "I wouldn't go anywhere else for lessons now!!”

”I have been playing about 8 years now with some private lessons elsewhere, but just didn't feel I was evolving and struggled with the method of teaching that was being used. So I looked on the Internet for a well rated, professional, very patient teacher and Jimmy came up at the top.

Jimmy has helped me in my weak areas of Scales and barre chords and has given me much needed confidence to do them. He has showed me different ways to play all over the fret board in a easier way then previously told in much quicker time which makes great value for money.
I'm definitely more confident and more knowledgeable to embrace new things I once found very hard to grasp. He teaches in a way that links things together so it's big breakthroughs in small steps so not too overwhelming. 

I have tried 2 other teachers and had no connection with them which I find makes you nervous and stunts growth as a guitarist. Jimmy is relaxed, patient and an exceptional player. Very well trained and connects with any age group and all levels of ability.
The lessons are fun and personnel and you can do one to one teaching or even with other guitarist to help timing and improve playing in a group. Jimmy is also very flexible for appointments which has helped fit in with my busy life style.

He's easy to get to and never had a problem parking (I have had with other teachers) he's happy bubbly and enthusiastic about people learning all types of guitar playing. I wouldn't go anywhere else for lessons now!!”

Darren Smith. Southampton

Maria: "I've noticed a BIG improvement!"

"Last year I decided to learn to play guitar self-taught, but I was frustrated to see that I wasn't progressing.
 I decided to contact a teacher. Then Jimmy came up among the top results on the internet and also offered lessons for beginners, like me!

Before Jimmy's lessons, I was blocked. I didn't use beyond certain chords and rhythms, always giving the same use of my right and left hand. In addition, I have always avoided practicing certain things that seemed too difficult so my practice was based on repeating the same things over and over again.

After lessons with Jimmy, all this has been in the past! No more trying to learn playing typical songs of four chords!

Jimmy is a teacher who goes far beyond this, he will focus on teaching you things related with the technique, using the best methods, avoiding bad habits when playing and moving gradually in the right direction. In addition, he is a teacher who will adapt to you and is concerned about your music preferences and what you are interested in learning. Thanks to his classes I’ve noticed a big improvement in the ease of my fingers, everything sounds much better and I have more confidence in myself, daring to practice increasingly complex things. 

All this also is accompanied by a great person with a positive, patient and cheerful attitude who learning with is fantastic. I think this is really important because if my mind is relaxed, the learning always is more and better!. Now I know that beginners guitar is not as boring as  we may believe and never is it too late to play guitar and dreaming about become a possible Hendrix :) "

Maria, Southampton


Pete: "I feel more knowledgeable and confident with the guitar."

“ I heard about Jimmy’s guitar lessons in Southampton by word of mouth from my granddaughter and good reviews on the internet.
In my opinion, rather than trying to teach myself, it was far more beneficial to learn guitar on a 1-2-1 basis, thereby maintaining a continuing enthusiasm.
Starting off as a complete beginner, I have improved in many aspects of guitar playing ranging from posture, identifying chords, playing tunes from tablature, strumming and picking. I feel more knowledgeable and confident with the guitar.
Learning to play guitar properly takes time. There are no short cuts. Practice as much as you can on a regular basis. You and you alone are responsible for developing the skills that you have been taught. The tuition is geared around your ability to progress.
Jimmy is a young, energetic musician who is eager to teach at a pace acceptable to the student. A warm greeting always awaits the budding guitarist!
Pete. Southampton. 


Sam: "My confidence has improved - A LOT!"

"I started taking lessons with Jimmy as I wanted to improve my playing generally and get tighter.

I think I have improved a lot. My timing has got much better and my soloing and riffs have come on a long way.

In lessons I enjoy learning to solo over backing tracks – that’s a lot of fun and I like working on my rhythm/riff playing too.

A big thing for me is that my confidence has improved. Before I started taking lessons, I used to dread practicing as it didn’t sound that good. I though about giving up…Now, I’m glad I didn’t!"

Sam, Southampton. 

Tom: " I was stuck in a rut…"

Phil: "super impressed with how much progress I’ve made."

Leigh: "I’ve come on leaps and bounds and have got so much further."

David: "If you're considering taking guitar lessons in Southampton -100% use Jimmy."

Martin: "really helped give my enthusiasm proper direction in a relaxed and comfortable environment."