Here's feedback from some of my students who get big results from taking lessons with me…

I am very proud of all of them - they've worked hard to reach their goals and continue to grow as great guitar players. 

I've had the privilege of teaching guitar lessons to literally hundreds and  hundreds of people from the Southampton area over the years and many continue to take lessons with me to this day! 

If you would like to find out more about what I can do for YOU and your guitar playing, contact me today and we can started! 



Jake: "I can now sound AWESOME!"

Mark: "…a lot more professional than lessons I've had in the past."


"So you've probably just brought a guitar, or are in the process of getting one, Congratulations! You're now scouring the Internet for videos on how to play the darn thing. After a few days of watching close to a hundred videos about playing '3 songs with 2 chords' and maybe being able to strum a few chords and playing a few notes, you turn to your partner and say "this sounds alright, doesn't it?"

Their reply, in a tone of mild optimism with a succinct lack of encouragement, "yeah, great..." At this point you have now realised what you must do, you have visions of being the next Hendrix, Hetfield or even Gallagher. This is why you have chosen to search for guitar lessons in Southampton. 
Well my friend this is your lucky day! You happen to be in the same place I was just under a year ago, a place of musical frustration and seriously sore fingertips.

In just under a year of sharing every Tuesday evening with Jimmy I have developed my guitar playing technique and I now feel comfortable playing a variety of music genres. The lessons are based around what YOU want to play and learn! Don't get me wrong, you don't simply ask to learn one particular song... Oh no, no,no. Jimmy teaches you the techniques and methods behind playing different genres of music allowing you to play a multitude of songs in the space of a few weeks! 
Listen, if you want to have fun, learn quick and for a good price, you are in the right place. Give him a call, trust me you will never look back. "
GuitarHappy RockingGuitar
  Rob, Southampton. 


Gavin: " I feel far more confident in my abilities to play the guitar..."

"I decided to start taking lessons because I had decided that the guitar which I had received 10 years ago, collecting dust in the corner of my room as an ornament should be played.
I tried teaching myself the guitar a while back, but hit a wall with my progression and stopped playing. I thought it would be good to get lessons to give me some structure and discipline to learning the guitar.
A quick search on the internet returned Jimmy, and after looking through his webpage at his credentials and testimonials I felt he was the guy to go with.
Since taking lessons I can honestly say that I have improved in all aspects of my guitar playing. I now have a good level of knowledge and abilities to go away and learn new songs, and have developed the confidence to play my guitar in front of other people. One of the biggest areas I have improved in is my strumming and timing, which I always found to be an issue.
I feel far more confident in my abilities to play the guitar, and more capable to go out and find new material to learn using the skills which Jimmy has taught me.
I would highly recommend taking lessons if you are considering it. Even if you are curious about them, take a couple and see how you get on. I found that within very few lessons with Jimmy I was able to play far better than I had previously, so the returns you get are quite quick and incredibly satisfying.

I really enjoyed our lessons. Jimmy is such a great guy, and lessons were always fun. My favourite aspect of my lessons was when Jimmy had me playing around with notes on scales and he'd be providing the backing to whatever I notes I happened to be hitting.

You can tell Jimmy is really passionate about the guitar, music and teaching, and that really shines through in his lessons. He always provided great support when I got stuck and his supplementary materials which he provided online were great. It was always a highlight of my week having a lesson with him."

Gavin, Southampton

Max: "I've really improved...lessons are amazing!"

“I’m better on guitar now more than ever and feel confident. I’ve really improved a lot and lessons are amazing!
I’ve improved my technique & now everything I play is sounding clear
We get to work on our own songs which is cool and I feel proud that I’ve managed to come up with some nice sounding ideas.
The lesson pace is just right for me. Not too much or too little.
I really feel more confident on guitar and giving things a go. I now know how to improve by myself if I mess up.
If you’re thinking of taking lessons- just do it! You’ll never know just how good you can be until you try!” 

Max. Southampton

Achieve Great Things on Guitar!

This is one of my students Jack who has passed his Grade 8 rock guitar exam. He now studies at the Southampton Academy of Music and Sound. 
Well done Jack! We're all very proud to have such a talented young man on board! 


Darren: "I wouldn't go anywhere else for lessons now!!”

”I have been playing about 8 years now with some private lessons elsewhere, but just didn't feel I was evolving and struggled with the method of teaching that was being used. So I looked on the Internet for a well rated, professional, very patient teacher and Jimmy came up at the top.

Jimmy has helped me in my weak areas of Scales and barre chords and has given me much needed confidence to do them. He has showed me different ways to play all over the fret board in a easier way then previously told in much quicker time which makes great value for money.
I'm definitely more confident and more knowledgeable to embrace new things I once found very hard to grasp. He teaches in a way that links things together so it's big breakthroughs in small steps so not too overwhelming. 

I have tried 2 other teachers and had no connection with them which I find makes you nervous and stunts growth as a guitarist. Jimmy is relaxed, patient and an exceptional player. Very well trained and connects with any age group and all levels of ability.
The lessons are fun and personnel and you can do one to one teaching or even with other guitarist to help timing and improve playing in a group. Jimmy is also very flexible for appointments which has helped fit in with my busy life style.

He's easy to get to and never had a problem parking (I have had with other teachers) he's happy bubbly and enthusiastic about people learning all types of guitar playing. I wouldn't go anywhere else for lessons now!!”

Darren Smith. Southampton

Maria: "I've noticed a BIG improvement!"

"Last year I decided to learn to play guitar self-taught, but I was frustrated to see that I wasn't progressing.
 I decided to contact a teacher. Then Jimmy came up among the top results on the internet and also offered lessons for beginners, like me!

Before Jimmy's lessons, I was blocked. I didn't use beyond certain chords and rhythms, always giving the same use of my right and left hand. In addition, I have always avoided practicing certain things that seemed too difficult so my practice was based on repeating the same things over and over again.

After lessons with Jimmy, all this has been in the past! No more trying to learn playing typical songs of four chords!

Jimmy is a teacher who goes far beyond this, he will focus on teaching you things related with the technique, using the best methods, avoiding bad habits when playing and moving gradually in the right direction. In addition, he is a teacher who will adapt to you and is concerned about your music preferences and what you are interested in learning. Thanks to his classes I’ve noticed a big improvement in the ease of my fingers, everything sounds much better and I have more confidence in myself, daring to practice increasingly complex things. 

All this also is accompanied by a great person with a positive, patient and cheerful attitude who learning with is fantastic. I think this is really important because if my mind is relaxed, the learning always is more and better!. Now I know that beginners guitar is not as boring as  we may believe and never is it too late to play guitar and dreaming about become a possible Hendrix :) "

Maria, Southampton


Pete: "I feel more knowledgeable and confident with the guitar."

“ I heard about Jimmy’s guitar lessons in Southampton by word of mouth from my granddaughter and good reviews on the internet.
In my opinion, rather than trying to teach myself, it was far more beneficial to learn guitar on a 1-2-1 basis, thereby maintaining a continuing enthusiasm.
Starting off as a complete beginner, I have improved in many aspects of guitar playing ranging from posture, identifying chords, playing tunes from tablature, strumming and picking. I feel more knowledgeable and confident with the guitar.
Learning to play guitar properly takes time. There are no short cuts. Practice as much as you can on a regular basis. You and you alone are responsible for developing the skills that you have been taught. The tuition is geared around your ability to progress.
Jimmy is a young, energetic musician who is eager to teach at a pace acceptable to the student. A warm greeting always awaits the budding guitarist!
Pete. Southampton. 


Sam: "My confidence has improved - A LOT!"

"I started taking lessons with Jimmy as I wanted to improve my playing generally and get tighter.

I think I have improved a lot. My timing has got much better and my soloing and riffs have come on a long way.

In lessons I enjoy learning to solo over backing tracks – that’s a lot of fun and I like working on my rhythm/riff playing too.

A big thing for me is that my confidence has improved. Before I started taking lessons, I used to dread practicing as it didn’t sound that good. I though about giving up…Now, I’m glad I didn’t!"

Sam, Southampton. 

Tom: " I was stuck in a rut…"

" I was stuck in a rut…doing the same things over and over again and nothing I tried was working.
I wanted to go beyond what I could do and since having lessons with Jimmy, I've come a long way from where I was. Even my girlfriend thinks so!

My technical ability has increased. I can play along with songs that I'd previously found too challenging. 
I lacked any real theory knowledge and that has come on a long, long way too!

My favourite thing about lessons though has been being able to go somewhere to talk "shop". I get to chat to other people taking lessons and it's good to get out there and meet people. The group lessons and workshops are something I really enjoy." 

Tom. Southampton

" I feel that my technique is better and have a better understanding of music theory which allows me to expand my playing to all parts of the fretboard and to experiment with chords that I would not have previously attempted. 

I enjoy the challenge of playing with other people. No matter how good (or bad) you are, you can always gain from seeking another perspective. Taking group lessons forces you out of your comfort zone sometimes and into trying new things. making you a better and more adventurous all-round player.

Jimmy is an excellent teacher and has a way of imparting information in way that doesn't feel like "teaching". 
My partner has commented many times on how much more confident and varied my playing now sounds since I started taking lessons." 

Martin S. Southampton




Phil: "super impressed with how much progress I’ve made."

" I was really inspired to play guitar when I was in Australia. A few of my mates would sit around the camp fire and play songs and that was something I really wanted to do...

I'm super impressed with how much progress I’ve made and how easy I now find it to sit down and look at a song I want to play. I can now just play them! I look at the chords and I can pick things up really quickly.
I really enjoy the training aspect and learning the fundamentals so that I can go away and find music I like and play it rather than prescribed pieces of music for me to do.
I have made a lot of progress in terms of understanding theory. I’ve had teachers in the past that were very prescriptive and just made me play scales up and down and I was like “what is the point? Where is this getting me?”

With Jimmy’s lessons it’s different.  I really enjoy the way these lessons are structured and we learn different things all the time.  A lot of the things we do strike a chord with me (scuse the pun!) and it makes me really wanna go home and practice it. I’m really inspired by what is being instilled in me and this makes the learning side of it a lot easier because I’m so enthusiastic about it!
I thought it would take me a long, long time to get close to being able to play what I want… I’m really impressed with how quickly I can now pick things up…"  

Phil D. Southampton. 


Leigh: "I’ve come on leaps and bounds and have got so much further."

" Before I started having lessons with Jimmy, I was literally just following what I saw on youtube and the internet but I didn’t know what they were doing

I think that only really gets you so far. 

I tried a few of the popular sites and guitar methods and felt as though I wasn’t really learning.

Then I found Jimmy and kinda saw the light haha! 

I’ve come on leaps and bounds and have got so much further. I can now play what I want and have the training and proper knowledge behind it! 

One of the best things I’ve got out of my lessons is being able to work out things for myself rather than copying youtube lessons. I actually know what I’m doing now and feel like I know why too. 

I think the guitar training side has really helped me rather than normal guitar lessons which can sometimes feel like learning from a book. "

Leigh T. Southampton

David: "If you're considering taking guitar lessons in Southampton -100% use Jimmy."

Lessons are laid back,  Jimmy is a top guy with your best interests at heart. There's been lots of great ways of learning new stuff and playing the guitar by making the exercises interesting and fun. 

If you're considering taking guitar lessons in Southampton -100% use Jimmy.  He's bound to make you the guitar player you want to be, whether it takes you a year or 20 years he will get you there.....

I've learned a lot…Jimmy has helped me with all aspects, playing, theory, fun ways to learn new and difficult techniques.  
My favourite stuff to work on has been Song writing, learning new and different chords to put into songs, (SEE VIDEO OF DAVE'S SONG "Supposed to Love me"!) 


Thank you Jimmy for your help over the past 4 months, would have stayed learning with you for a lot longer if it wasn't for my opportunity to carry my music on out in America...and when I come back i will definitely come back for more honest and sound advice! Thanks bud"

David Philpott, Fair Oak,  Southampton

Improve confidence, skills and have fun!

A Personal interest and approach to your guitar playing

Get results FAST!

From beginner to band in 6 Months!


These are just a few of my Students Success Stories! 
Would YOU like to be on this page one day? 
Take guitar lessons with me and together we will get you there…

Ben: "more confident in my playing ability and more relaxed about performing in front of others. "

"Having played for a several years with no tuition whatsoever I felt that I needed to learn proper technique and new skills that would enable me to be more confident in my playing ability and more relaxed about performing in front of others. 

The theory side of things has been especially interesting as it has filled a lot of gaps in my knowledge and has brought a lot of things together that I only had a slight grasp of. In respect of my playing,

I'm now more confident and fluid with my technique. 

My favourite part has been learning to play all over the fretboard! 
It's a great feeling being able to pick up the guitar and just find the key and improvise over any song.

Jimmy's great. His lessons are well structured and the theory mixes nicely with the practical. There isn't too much heaped on you in one go and there's plenty of opportunity to work on something that you're not comfortable with. 

If you want to learn or improve your playing, Jimmy is patient and easy going. He'll make you feel welcome and assist and inspire you. He has a wealth of knowledge, experience and ability  and is ready and willing to impart this on anyone who wants to learn…"

Ben H. Southampton


Dave: "nothing beats the human interaction with the right music teacher."


" Since having lessons, I've lost a lot of the bad habits I had before! 

…to understand why you play what you play…and feeling that you have the confidence to go off and play other stuff - takes me up to a completely different level from where I was before…"

Simon D. Southampton



 "I really enjoy my lessons with Jimmy....he has more of a personal interest in your goals than other teachers"

Richard L, Southampton 


"Whether you're a Beginner or Advanced, there's a lesson for you.
I've seen progression and become a better player
It's FUN, Jimmy's friendly and you're never pressured.
I've had quite a few guitar teachers now...Jimmy's the best I've had."

Craig M, Southampton 



I've improved as a player and I'm creating music that I want to hear based on what I've learned...6 months ago I wasn't confident...Tomorrow night..... I have a band practice!

With Jimmy it's a friendly's always good. I'm never afraid to ask questions...I know that this is a guy that has done something and wants to help me.

This guy knows how to teach someone to play guitar!"

Ciaran T, Southampton 

Karl: "I've never made such a sharp incline of progress since taking lessons from Jimmy."

"Jimmy is the kind of teacher that, no matter how long you've been playing, will actively encourage you to think outside the box about all aspects of your guitar playing.

I've used the majority of the well known guitar methods (Rock Discipline, Speed Mechanics, etc)  I've never made such a sharp incline of progress since taking lessons from Jimmy.

I highly recommend Jimmy for any player serious about his/her development as a guitarist and musician in general."

Karl Martin, Southampton:

Natalie (Parent of Samuel): "Just a brilliant, outstanding tutor. We are so glad we found him."

"My rather nervous 11 year old son has been having guitar lessons with Jimmy once a week for a couple of months now.
He already feels like a rock god, and watches himself playing in the mirror at home.

Jimmy is so patient, and has a wonderful way of making my son's guitar 'mistakes' seem like he is being 'creative'!! Just a brilliant, outstanding tutor. We are so glad we found him, and cannot recommend him more highly.

My son will be going to Jimmy until he is a real rock god who can earn millions with his mum as a sad, wrinkly groupie!!"

Natalie. Southampton



How would YOU like to totally transform YOUR guitar playing? 
Contact me to book your free trial lesson and we can get started! 

Returning to guitar playing after life’s adventures and diversions i.e. the day job, family-life, 5-minute tasks etc., it takes a while to find ones musical way again.
I’ve been fortunate to be part of a successful covers band ( which has helped me pick up on music up again.
This has meant tackling many new techniques along the way, involving quite a bit of trial and error to ‘get-it-right’.
Then I discovered Jimmy’s lessons and these have given me a focus and direction to achieve the best results.
There are a multitude of resources available today to assist budding gee-tarists, whatever their style or skill level.
Some are better than others and many complementary to each other but nothing beats the human interaction with the right music teacher.
Jimmy gives just that right mixture in his varied and original lessons.
These do not suffer from the rote techniques of many but are tailored more to the individual requirements, pace and temperament of the pupil.
If you’ve been strung along with a music teacher, now really learn to play to your best, with Jimmy Alford.
DD, Southampton

Matthew: "Now when I play guitar- I feel really happy!"

 " I think I have improved dramatically over the lessons...I really like riffs and learning and making new ones.
I really enjoy creating my own little pieces of music. It's fun.
I used to be worried about sounding good and getting things right, but now I really look forward to lessons.
Now when I play guitar- I feel really happy!"

Matthew, Chandlers Ford

"We both think Matthew has made amazing progress, he continues to grow in confidence with his guitar playing and his self esteem has been boosted. We are both impressed each time we hear him play after a lesson, all that he learns he puts into practice.
His guitar playing provides a bit of chill out time when life gets a bit too much for him and keeps him away from that Xbox!"

Caroline & Lee (Matthews Parents) 






 "Since Grace has been having lessons with Jimmy - her playing has come on no end.

Her self esteem has been given a boost and she has confidence in herself but more over she enjoys playing music more than ever"

Scott L. (Grace's Dad) Eastleigh. 

Julie: "I find it comforting, Jimmy is always there to help me."


"I have been taking guitar lessons with Jimmy since March.
I really appreciate his patience and understanding the balance between work,home life and wishing to further my musical knowledge.
I find it comforting, Jimmy is always there to help me with anything I am struggling with and is able to tailor his teaching to suit my abilities, without applying too much pressure.
I have a much better understanding of chords and the theory that goes with chords, but I still have loads to learn.
For anyone out there, who is worried about taking lessons, my advice is, to give Jimmy a go, he has so much knowledge, talent, a relaxed environment and to top it all - a really nice guy."

Julie B. Eastleigh


 "As a complete beginner I have been delighted with my lessons with Jimmy. With a long standing desire to learn guitar and various failed attempts to do so behind me I felt that I needed to be taught by someone who knows how to do just that, Teach!
Jimmy has structured lessons to go at my pace and has found the right balance between learning and fun; this is rarity with guitar teachers. Jimmy’s guitar knowledge is second to none but he has a wide knowledge of music, not just what he has done, as well. This context has made conversations about my goals far easier.
I can’t recommend Jimmy highly enough not only is he exceptional at his job but he is a great guy to spend time with..."

Sam F, Winchester

Jade: "I'm much better at practicing and making things up on the spot to play to my parents!"

"Since starting lessons, I have really improved at being able to make up my own tunes and performing them at RockSchool.
I'm much better at practicing and making things up on the spot to play to my parents!

I used to just try and learn covers off the internet, but having lessons has meant that I can learn the songs properly or be able to do my own interpretation of them

My lessons are really FUN! Jimmy is friendly and doesn't shout at me when I get things wrong! 

Knowing WHAT to practice and HOW to practice has really helped me and so has playing with other students. 

If you're thinking of having lessons with Jimmy...DO IT...he knows what he's doing and has made the lessons very interesting and enjoyable.

Jade W, Winchester. 



Nicole: "my guitar-playing skills have improved way quicker than I could have done with just the help of the internet. "


"Jimmy is a great guitar teacher. I have thoroughly enjoyed the 9 months I have spent as his student and thanks to his help, my guitar-playing skills have improved way quicker than I could have done with just the help of the internet.
You can learn all sorts of things with Jimmy; from popular rock riffs, guitar-playing techniques, to the theory behind all the music and even playing your own musical piece that you created.
But of course, one of the benefits of having a private guitar teacher is that they can tailor your lessons based on your interests... if you are like me who delights in understanding more, then you can choose to learn theory every now and then.

With Jimmy I managed to learn about the different elements of music, what notes make a chord and learning to play some scales.

Jimmy can teach both acoustic and electric guitar, which is great for me because sometimes I can't choose between them. He also has the technology in his hands to help you compose your own little music. Need some beats? Some drums to help you with timing? Or even just a simple editing programme? Well you can all find that on his Mac. Nevertheless I gotta say, one of the things I liked the most about his lessons is how I can feel so free to ask any questions - no matter how silly they sound. Sometimes I can ask so many questions, hence I applaud him for never getting tired of answering them all in detail..." 

Nicole J. Shirley, Southampton. 


Check out Jake from Southampton after he's just learnt some cool rock and metal guitar riffs during his guitar lesson with Jimmy!

Paul: "I have definitely improved since I started lessons and I'm a lot more confident."


" I think I have definitely improved since I started lessons and I'm a lot more confident learning stuff at home. 
I feel like i know exactly what to practice and how to apply it. 

I've been playing along to my favourite tracks and taking things in in small chunks.

My lack of progress, the fact I was getting nowhere on my own and getting into bad practice habits made me decide to get lessons instead of teaching myself….

I used to hate doing some techniques, but now I can do them and really enjoy them! My playing has got a lot tighter and my rhythm guitar playing is a lot better.

Jimmy is patient and I think that's a massive thing and really important for me as it sometimes takes me a few times to get it! 

Paul H. Southampton

Olivia: " Lessons have rekindled my passion for music"

“I wanted something to focus on that I had no previous knowledge of where I could see improvements being made!

I have definitely improved my understanding of how playing works and the techniques you can use to create different styles and sounds.

I feel confident that I could go and learn pieces with an understanding of what I am doing rather than just reading the music and forgetting it within a few hours.

I feel like I have a new skill and a rekindled passion for music and appreciation for all the amazing guitar you take for granted usually!

Jimmy is a great teacher and will go over things until you definitely understand them. He makes it look easy and helps you get to the point where it genuinely is!

The best part of lessons has been learning and watching all the different ways to play and create different chords and patterns all with only six strings and a piece of wood! Who knew it was such a versatile instrument!?

Guitar lessons with Jimmy are brilliant and the progress you can make in such a short amount of time is amazing! A great teacher with awesome talent!”

Olivia, Southampton

Calum: "I have learned so much and become a much better player in 6 months."

" I have started to create my own songs and I'm influenced by players like Jack White, Jimmy Page, Dave Grohl and Wolfmother. 
I am motivated to learn guitar and it was originally my Grandad that inspired me to start playing and taking lessons.

The lessons are going really good. Jimmy teaches me the skills I need to use and I get to learn apply them myself when I practice. 

I enjoy learning and in the future my goals are to be able to improvise, learn some of my favourite songs to cover and write some great riffs! 

I have learned so much and become a much better player in 6 months. I would recommend Jimmy as a teacher   "

Calum, Lyndhurst

Spencer: " it was finally time to learn guitar properly and Jimmy was the guy to go to."

"After playing drums for over 17 years I decided it was finally time to learn guitar properly and Jimmy was the guy to go to.

From the very start, everything has gone at my pace - and there has been constant encouragement as I've progressed

The structuring of lessons has been a massive help; there's no getting bogged down with masses of theory before playing a note, everything has been hands-on and ultimately fun. That's the whole point, right?

I can recommend having Jimmy as a teacher! It's been entertaining as well as instructional and has made me realise that even as a late starter I've got some ability tucked away which I can now use. Put it this way, would you expect to leave your first lesson with a pile of theory and chords to learn, or come away after one hour being able to play an entire tune? I know which one happened to me!

Spence V. Southampton

Martin: "really helped give my enthusiasm proper direction in a relaxed and comfortable environment."

"I use a huge amount of internet resources in pursuit of my guitar hobby - but still, always look forward to my weekly lesson with Jimmy. There’s something about face to face lessons that just can’t be satisfied by even the best video lesson.

For me, two of the key ingredients Jimmy provides are Skills Coaching and Mentoring. The latter of these is often overlooked and undervalued, but, in terms of motivation it is indispensable.

The Guitar simply is not an easy instrument to learn. And as a somewhat ‘mature’ student I’ve certainly had many a day when it seemed impossible.
Jimmy’s calm tutoring, explanation and encouragement has most definitely helped me to keep my frustrations in perspective and gradually overcome the early hurdles

I guess most people don’t really know what to expect when they start learning guitar. That was certainly true in my case. The knowledge is not difficult to obtain; there are hundreds of places (magazines/books/videos/internet) you can go to get such detail. But guitar playing is much more than ‘knowing what to do’ since it requires the application of skill far more than it does knowledge. Skills require coaching and (lots of) practice, and for these to be done in way that is tailored to the individual. Lastly, it has to be enjoyable.

Jimmy has always taken the time to assess what my particular needs are and to help me understand them better myself . His mentoring has also encouraged me to strive for a bit more than I would have settled for. I’m quite self-sufficient but Jimmy has really helped give my enthusiasm proper direction in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Having face to face time with an expert, who takes a personal interest in your progress and achievement, is just not something you can get from Youtube "

Martin D, Chandlers Ford

 Jimmy's lessons a are bit more relaxing than other lessons I’ve had…it helps having a really patient teacher.

Lessons are calm and varied. Jimmy’s a good tutor and has taught me riffs, lead guitar, scales and songwriting. I’m still having fun and it’s exciting.

Aysha B, Southampton


I can play guitar much better than before.
I have improved a LOT!

Since starting lessons, I am a lot more relaxed when I play.

My confidence has really improved and the lessons are FUN…and yes I would recommend Jimmy as a teacher! "

Michael H, Shirley

 The lessons are more helpful than my previous lessons with other teachers…they just wanted me to learn from a book! These lessons are more geared towards what I want to do.

I really enjoy recording and I have really improved. I understand things more. The lessons are more about what I NEED to do.
I’ve got better at playing stuff faster and can play along with my favourite songs and I’m having lots of FUN! I would recommend Jimmy as a teacher to anyone...he tries to make everything FUN!”

Mercedes S, Winchester

 "I like to learn Rock music...I played for about a year before and when I started having lessons I really improved 

 Sasha, Southampton

"I feel like I wanna Rock!!! I'm starting to move my fingers quicker and I really enjoy playing guitar. I was nervous at first and now I'm not!"

Diana, Southampton

 "The lessons are going really well and I enjoy learning new things...and Jimmy is an OK guy!!!"

Max, Southampton

The lessons with Jimmy are very interesting...and he's a great person to be taught by...

Hannah P, Southampton

Jimmy's lessons are amazing and are lots and lots of fun! 

Alfie P, Southampton

Alfie's getting to grips with basics now and is having a really good time...Hannah's skills are getting better every week and her confidence is really growing! 

Derek P, Southampton

I have really enjoyed the lessons so far...I feel happy and have improved A LOT! 
 My confidence has also improved on the guitar and in general!"  

Jake W, Southampton

"Jimmy's really good at teaching. I've learned lots in a few weeks and I want to keep practicing. I feel really proud and so do my parents!
I'm using the stuff i've learned in my lessons at a gig next week! 

Jimmy's very nice...and the lessons are FUN "

Floss G, Winchester

" I feel happier and more comfortable playing guitar.
I can now play more songs and it's more enjoyable!

Lucy A, Winchester

“ I’ve been having lessons for 6 months and they’re really good…it’s fun. 
I have become more independent and can work things out for myself now.
I have had lessons with other local teachers and they just showed off and didn’t teach me jack! I would recommend Jimmy as a teacher”

Stuart L, Bitterne, Southampton

" I've learned Barre Chords...and puttng chords and scales together. I can now write better songs!
I reached my goals in FIVE WEEKS with Jimmy's help.

Beth O, Winnall

Jimmy's lessons are good! I learned how to use more chords and melody in my own songs.
I liked learning in a quiet environment with no distractions"

Alicia W, Winnall 
" Since I started having lessons, I have been able to play through all the scale shapes I want as opposed to just playing in one place.

My favourite things to work on have been playing through the Pentatonic Scale and combining all the licks together!
I wish I had started taking lessons years ago as I've improved more in a few lessons than I have done in years!
Jimmy takes the time to motivate and inspire you even if you're in a bad mood or having one of those lessons where you just don't get it.
He's a very encouraging teacher and that's something you can't get from youtube lessons...

He reminds me of my goals and why I wanted to play guitar in the first place..."

Peter Hayball, Romsey
"... my thanks to the Big "J" Man, for his patience, on more than one occasion I've turned up only to find someone has swapped my fingers for pork sausages and he has patiently sat there while I make noise and try to make them work. For his continued support and confidence in me when I have none. And for being a friend as well as my mentor and teacher...
it's actually refreshing to look forward to a guitar lesson, knowing you will learn and have fun.

So thanks Jimmy, I will try to be the Neo to your Morpheus."

Glenn P, Totton
" I started lessons because, despite thinking I was pretty good already, I found that when I had to record songs, my playing was a bit pants!

During lessons, we sometimes spend time recording and analysing performances, so I think Jimmy's performance background has helped me there!

I've obvioulsy got loads better in general but I've also started to appreciate other styles of music a lot more too...I would have never listened to anything heavy or grungey before! I'm influenced by Amy Winehouse, soul, R&B stuff.

The guitar lessons have really helped me with writing my own stuff...I've even learned about scales too like the pentatonic scale.

If you're after great lessons with an actual genuine nice guy, you should have lessons with Jimmy! "

Angie B, Eastleigh