Guitar Lessons in Southampton

AMPLIFIED GUITAR TUITION: Guitar Lessons Southampton, was created by me to offer YOU the ultimate guitar learning experience and help you become the guitar player that you CAN be! 
  • Lessons are created with YOUR personal music and guitar goals in mind.
  • Lessons are structured but taught in a friendly and informal environment so you can relax and still make progress! 
  • I use a variety of formats that best suit YOU and your goals and challenges.  
  • Specialised programs for Beginners, Intermediates and Advancing Players.
  • Lessons in all areas of music, techniques, theory and creativity.
  • A Prepared, structured approach to teaching and learning.
  • Record your own songs and ideas with me. 
  • Get feedback and constant encouragement as you grow as a player.
  • Meet fellow players, make contacts, build friendships,  socialise and have FUN!  

Whatever your specific needs are, whatever problems you’re having with your playing I have solutions and I am confident that I can help you.

I offer a
FREE introductory lesson where we can discuss what you want to do, how I can help you and then get started taking you to the next level  RIGHT AWAY!

If after your FREE introductory lesson you decide not to work with me then I’m happy to help you in finding and choosing a teacher more suited to your needs.
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I am a member of the Registry of Guitar Tutors and DBS Checked. 

I have been teaching guitar since 2002 and have helped hundreds of guitar players to reach their goals and overcome frustrations. I'm proud to still teach many of my original students to this day! 

I'd been working in education for 10 years and decided it was time to combine my 2 biggest passions: Music AND teaching! 

 Over the years, I’ve found that a lot of “normal” guitar lessons just don’t work for most people. You often don’t get the results you deserve and I grew tired of seeing people get taught the wrong things in the wrong way, getting ripped off, and getting more and more frustrated with their guitar playing.
 That’s why my lessons are based on teaching the person (YOU) rather than the instrument.
That’s why I focus on your actual playing and not just a syllabus or things to learn . There is SO much information already out there and It can be really hard and a long frustrating task to decide what you should be learning and in what order.
I want to help YOU get better on guitar and train you to truly play the way YOU want to whilst teaching you everything you’ll need to get there.
I too had a long, hard struggle learning guitar. It certainly didn’t come naturally to me. Much later, I worked with a great teacher who taught, coached and mentored me through the process and showed me the way…
I now do the same for my students and I get excited and truly inspired when they’re able to play anything they want!
I’m fortunate enough to have had plenty of real-life playing experience too. I’ve toured nationally and internationally and recorded in bands with styles ranging from pop, rock and metal whilst maintaining a large number of students here in Southampton.
But my biggest passion is teaching and training people to play guitar… 

By showing you how and what to practice, with structured (and fun) lessons  and a calm, friendly patient approach,  I will get you to where you want to be with your guitar playing!

Having a load of licks, tricks and guitar “exercises” to learn will NOT make you a better guitar player…
Receiving the right training and learning HOW TO PRACTICE GUITAR will!
Would you rather have to try and work your way through thousands of exercises or learn a method that allows you to play ANYTHING you want to?
Would you rather learn how to play a song or be taught ways to learn to play ANY song for yourself?
My guitar training methods ensure that get the most out of your lessons with me and learn the most important guitar lesson ever…HOW TO PRACTICE!
This way, you will progress much faster than with normal guitar lessons, learning EVERYTHING you need to play ANYTHING you want!
You will save time and money along the way and avoid all the pitfalls and frustration that comes with either trying to teach yourself or having lessons with someone who does not know how to teach PEOPLE and get the best out of them.
  • You do not need more stuff to learn to become a great guitarist.
  • You do not need to look on youtube for more video lessons on how to play.
  • You do not need to be “naturally talented.” 
With me you will learn just a few basic principles, how to apply them to YOUR guitar playing and get to play guitar the way you want!
You’re going to be trained and taught by someone who knows how to teach people not by someone who just teaches “guitar”.

Learn everything you need to play anything you want! For fun or to go pro:

My Commitment to you: Here’s what you can expect from your tuition:
• A genuine interest in you and what you want to achieve. 
• Lessons and classes delivered in a positive, engaging and timely fashion.
• As well as learning music, we  learn problem solving and I'll give you and point you in the direction of relevant resources and information. 
• Support and guidance every step of the way!

What I WON’T do:

• I won’t be overwhelming you with lots of new material and putting lots of pressure on you to learn! The process is at a pace to suit YOU. Not me!
• I won’t “show-off”, but, I may occasionally use examples of my own music/playing to demonstrate a point. Remember, it’s all about you!

Here’s what I expect from you:

• Be positive and believe in yourself…you CAN do it!
• Be dedicated and commit yourself to the process of learning...

"I can highly recommend Jimmy as a guitar player. For years we played together in the rock bands Rat:Daddy and Idiot3. We toured the UK several times and recorded CDs that were loved by the critics and the fans alike. What Jimmy brought to the band was a massive love of music, all the technical skills and most importanty a sense of enthusiasm and appreciation of finer points of guitar playing. His contributions both as a rhythm and lead player were invaluable. Plus...he's a great guy!!"
Ian Hardwick: Bass and Vocals for GOOBERGUN (formerly known as IDIOT3 and Currently on Tour in Asia!)