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Now USE it!

 The above Lesson is on how to start applying creativity to the minor pentatonic scale shape.

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Choosing A Teacher...

 Help With Choosing A Teacher:

By Jimmy Alford
So you’ve decided to start looking for guitar lessons. Maybe you’re actively looking on the internet or through local ads and trying to decide who is the best teacher in your area to help you reach your musical goals?
Perhaps you’re considering online lessons or maybe even looking for a program that deals with a specific topic or helps get you started?

Working with a teacher will greatly increase your progress in a faster time than trying to teach yourself. BUT, make sure you pick the person who is right for you. If you make the WRONG choice, you could be wasting your money, time and ultimately get NOTHING from lessons at all.
If you are a beginner, I highly recommend working with a teacher as an important step to getting past the first few difficult months of frustration. It’s hard enough to learn something new, let alone struggling alone on your own having the added headache of not knowing WHERE to begin and WHAT you need to do.

Books and other instructional materials CAN be great! But you will get much better results if you use them as a supplement along with lessons from a decent teacher…NOT as a substitute. Books and DVD are aimed at the masses and may contain stuff that isn’t really relevant to YOU and what you’re trying to achieve.

So, if working with a teacher is the way forward, how do you go about finding the one for you?
• Firstly, it will help you and them if you’re clear, or at least have some idea, about what it is you really want? What do you want to learn? Having a goal in mind will make it easier for them to teach you correctly and will motivate you to get every possible benefit from your lessons as you and your teacher will have what results YOU want in mind.
• Then, when you are deciding who to work with, don’t pick the first person you find! Compare a few of them and think hard about who you want to take lessons from. Who is going to give you the most value? What are they like as a person? What about their reputation? Do they offer more? What about price?

• Speaking of price. I’ll just say this: GOOD lessons are NOT cheap. CHEAP lessons are NOT good. Get the VERY best value you can afford. 

• Where do they teach? Are they local? Maybe it’s worth the extra journey to get the very best lessons rather than the dude who lives next door who can’t really teach you very much!

• What experience do they have? Do they play in band? Do they make music too? Are they learning guitar? All of these are good for YOU if they do. It shows they love music and guitar! Rather than someone who doesn’t really care and is just doing it for the money.

• Are they friendly? Can you see yourself getting on with them? Do they talk to you about what YOU want and do they really CARE?

• Are you going to feel inspired and want to play guitar with them? Will they make the lessons fun and enjoyable?
 Good teachers will be able to show you what to play...A GREAT teacher will show you what to play, why, how, where it can be used, how to apply it and squeeze every last benefit out of a concept that they show you. Then hand over to you to explore and be creative with their support every step of the way. 
A great teacher will ALWAYS go further than simply showing you stuff and providing information. They leave that to the mediocre teachers and people who post supposed "lessons" on the internet. No, a great teacher teaches the PERSON in front of them. Not just the instrument that they are holding. 

Choose a teacher who can get you great results. Results that you love and are proud of! It really is the best investment you can make.
Don't settle for average results from an average teacher just because they're a bit cheaper, not as far to travel to or they impress you with THEIR shredding skills!
Choose someone who offers the most benefits and cares about YOUR playing and YOUR results...

Go find yourself a GREAT teacher! Invest the time and money into GREATNESS! Your guitar playing and musical dreams are worth it!