I started playing guitar way back in the early 1990's when I was about 14...(yes, I'm that old haha)

The sole reason at the that time was to learn to play enough so I could join my friends' metal band and play a show at our school...which we did!

I went off to college to study for a Diploma in Popular Music Performance and, whilst getting all my grades, I continued to play gigs locally and around the UK...

I became a life-long learner of music, practicing guitar every day, studying with amazing teachers along the way as well as traveling to the U.S for further training in guitar teaching whilst still working in Education. 

Since my musical journey began I have played all over the UK, in Europe and the U.S in bands where the styles have varied from Pop Rock to Death Metal!

From the tiniest venues like the Joiners in Southampton to festival stages like Bloodstock, we traveled, toured, recorded EPs and albums, received awards, got featured in the press (Kerrang, Metal Hammer, Fireworks, Powerplay Magazine) appeared on TV, been interviewed for Rock Radio stations, rubbed shoulders, shared stages of all sizes with our heroes and peers from our favourite bands...

I'm passionate about teaching guitar and helping people. Since 2010,   I've taught hundreds of people from my local area and  I continue to teach guitar to this day to with Jimmy's Guitar Gym: The focus always on training my students with everything they need to play the way they want...

From bedroom players, casual hobbyists, music school students right through to  professional musicians, I've had the honour and privilege to be a part of their journeys too.

I 'm also writing and recording my own music, offering mental health coaching and am a MuayThai and MMA enthusiast! 

I live in Southampton, UK with my wife Jen and our cat Maya.