Let’s face it…


Struggling on your own to learn guitar can feel like you’re going nowhere fast…

Maybe you’re frustrated and tired of trying to teach yourself…

Does it just not sound “right” when you play along to music?

Or can you only play bits and pieces but never the whole song?

Even worse, you’re overwhelmed with all the information about learning guitar that’s out there! 

AND we’ve all heard stories of people giving up on guitar as things became too challenging and their confidence was knocked too many times…


Well, I’m here to tell you something…

It doesn’t need to be this way.

You can get fast results and it can be fun!



I’m Jimmy and I specialise in helping guitar players…From absolute beginners to aspiring shredders who are struggling with these problems to play guitar exactly how they want. 

I have helped hundreds and hundreds of guitarists from Southampton and around the world and I want to help you too! 



By sharing a much better approach to learning guitar that is proven to get you results quicker because it helps you to remove the frustration, beat the overwhelm and build confidence easier and more effectively than “normal” guitar lessons…

It also helps you to develop your technique, theory knowledge and creativity. 

You’ll feel like you’re making progress no matter how much time you spend practicing! 

It’s so powerful, yet so simple. You don’t need to be naturally talented…AND you’ll probably spend less time on Youtube or searching around for more stuff to learn.  

You’ll notice the difference in your playing…

And the people around you will notice the difference when they hear you play too! 



" I feel that my technique is better and have a better understanding of music theory which allows me to expand my playing to all parts of the fretboard and to experiment with chords that I would not have previously attempted. 

I enjoy the challenge of playing with other people. No matter how good (or bad) you are, you can always gain from seeking another perspective. Taking group lessons forces you out of your comfort zone sometimes and into trying new things. making you a better and more adventurous all-round player.

Jimmy is an excellent teacher and has a way of imparting information in way that doesn't feel like "teaching". 
My partner has commented many times on how much more confident and varied my playing now sounds since I started taking lessons

Martin S. Southampton


The once anxious bedroom players develop “rockstar” confidence…

The stressed out and frustrated become zen warriors, calmly practicing their guitars instead of wanting to smash them! 

Guys that looked like they were ready to give up have turned it around and become the Guitar player they dreamed of being!!! 



"I started taking lessons with Jimmy as I wanted to improve my playing generally and get tighter.

I think I have improved a lot. My timing has got much better and my soloing and riffs have come on a long way.

In lessons I enjoy learning to solo over backing tracks – that’s a lot of fun and I like working on my rhythm/riff playing too.

A big thing for me is that my confidence has improved. Before I started taking lessons, I used to dread practicing as it didn’t sound that good. I though about giving up…Now, I’m glad I didn’t!"

Sam, Southampton. 



There’s more…


These students are practicing more efficiently than ever and grow, effortlessly…

Players find their practice easier than ever, even though they’re spending LESS time playing …

…and they stand out from the crowd and get picked for bands/gigs parties and music course placements! 




It's all about YOU! 

Lessons are structured and personalised to YOU. Your personal music tastes, your learning style and what you would like to accomplish. 

I have been specifically trained in teaching and have been working in education since 2002.

I have several ways of teaching my students as not every person is the same or learns in the same manner.

I am proud to say that I teach guitar lessons to people from Southampton of all ages, with a wide range of abilities from complete beginner to professionals and am happy to play a (small) part in their musical adventures and lives! 

Whilst some teachers simply instruct their students without finding out what it is their students actually want to be able to play on guitar,  I prefer to teach the PERSON sat in front of me and treat you as an individual.

It's not enough for me to simply give you information...My teaching style is a bit more dynamic and focuses on DOING.

Think of me as your personal guitar trainer or guitar coach! 

I will not only show you “what to play” but, more importantly- HOW TO PLAY IT

Look, I know EXACTLY what you're going through. Like many people, I was once really frustrated with my guitar playing and I certainly wasn't naturally talented - I had to work really hard to play the way I wanted to.

One day, I found the right guitar teacher…he showed me the "missing links" and how to get results FAST, removing all of the frustration from trying to teach myself. 

I can do the same for you. 

I make guitar lessons fun but focused and know how to teach my students with the right balance of patience, practical training, and positive encouragement.



"Jimmy has been improving my guitar playing for nearly three years now - even my wife recognises the songs I'm playing now! I have to say Jimmy is an excellent teacher using your favourite music to teach theory and technique. I would recommend anyone wanting to learn to play guitar to guitarists wanting to improve technique to contact Jimmy, you will not be disappointed!" Ian O. Southampton 


"I went to Jimmy as a complete novice. He is a great teacher. I have progressed loads in the few months I have had Jimmy as a teacher. Alongside teaching me how to play, Jimmy has helped boost my confidence to play in front of others. The lessons are really well structured and Jimmy has a wealth of knowledge and also resources that he is happy to share." Alex P. Southampton 


Partners and Parents are able to recognize what’s being played!

Practicing Guitar becomes fun and something you actually want to do…

Self-esteem and confidence again goes through the roof because you’ve learned the most important guitar lesson ever…


I offer a FREE trial lesson with no obligation to continue lessons with me and nothing for you to lose. 


Seriously, today can be a day that you look back on and think…

“Wow…that’s when everything changed…”

Or it can just be another Tuesday, Wednesday or whatever day of the week it

is. Nothing changes. And in the future, you might wonder “What if…”.

I know that starting something new can be a bit scary! 

 I’ve been there, lots of my students have been there too but I have found that the best thing to do is to try. To give it a go and hopefully see what a difference having lessons will do for your guitar playing. 

Worst case scenario, if I don’t deliver, you’ve “wasted” nothing but an hour of your time.

Right now, I really want to find out how I can help you today and hope you're just as excited as me to get going! 

Click that link below and take your first steps on your guitar learning journey...


(Whilst I'm open-minded and up for any challenge, I'm afraid I don't teach Classical, Country, Folk or Jazz... Sorry!)